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Check out my other blog Swedish Stories to read a few updates from my first week in Sweden. Things have been quite exciting and a lot has happened so far.

Arrival in Sweden: check!

With surprisingly no complications or delays, Matt and I made it into Sweden with very few problems. Minus the fact that one of my wheels starting falling off on my massive suitcase and that we tend to just point at food items we want to buy when we get hungry - we're doing half decent. Our question of whether or not we need to learn Swedish was quickly answered after checking out the town of Karlskrona and finding that all of the signs are written in Swedish. I think our hostel is on Dropatinginthebucket road or something like that, so we may need to touch up on our Swedish over the next few weeks. For now we'll have to resort to hand signals and trying to communicate with numbers.

Now that we have got our stuff settled into the hostel, we're strolling around the town for a bit to get our bearings and then will hopefully try and get a good night's sleep after all the flying. We managed to feed ourselves, so that was a success. Tomorrow will be the real test though when we have to try and find a place to shelter us, soon we'll have all of our basic needs covered!

Well that's all of the major updates for now, we really have only been here for 2 hours so we can't have too many crazy stories yet - give us time though. We'll hopefully check in soon with updates on the housing search. Hope everything is well back in PA!


Off to Sweden-land!

Tomorrow's the big day - I'll be heading to Newark and flying off to Copenhagen where I will be picking up a train which takes me to Karlskrona, Sweden! Once I arrive, the adventure to find housing begins. Fortunately, because I'm one of the later people to arrive, everyone else has done most of the work and put together some quite helpful documents to assist in the whole process. So hopefully it won't be too bad - if not, living in hostels is always a blast!

I've still got quite a lot of packing to do (if not most of it) and have to move out of State College today. Otherwise things are pretty much ready to go! I'm not sure when the next time will be that I have internet, but as soon as I get the chance to update all of you fine folk, I will make sure to do so.

If any of you are on Skype or gmail, I'm sure I'll be able to video chat with you while abroad. Until the next post - farval!! (swedish for farewell)


Lyrics to think about from Playing for Change:

~ Biko ~
You can blow out a candle, but you can’t blow out a fire
Once the flame begins to catch, the wind will blow it higher

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